12th January 2017

Members and visitors of the Hackney Seventh-day Adventist church began the New Year of 2017 by making resolutions to live healthier and more Spirit-filled lives. During a special candlelight and all-night prayer service led by the elders along with Hackney's pastor, Joojo Bonnie, the church united together in making a commitment to taking care of both the physical and spiritual body of God and to encourage others to do the same as we await the return of Jesus our Lord.

Through the book of Daniel, guest speaker, Pastor Sam Davis highlighted the Pastor-Sam-Davisimportance of health in ministry and made a plea for modern Daniels in the 21st century. Pastor Davis, the former SEC President and a former pastor of Hackney church said: "We do ourselves and God a huge disservice when we fail to look after our bodies. We have clear evidence through Spirit of Prophecy and the Word of God as shown in Genesis and Daniel, as to what we should eat and drink as a means of maintaining good health. By so doing we then put ourselves in a position where we are able to minister effectively to others." Pastor Davis then spoke about the hierarchy of nutrients needed to prolong lives which enable us to give our best service to God and the communities whom He's called us to serve.

These health-inspired messages were later followed by a challenge to living more Christ-like and unified lives. Focusing on Pastor-Joojo-Bonniethe book of Acts, Pastor Bonnie encouraged the congregation to be in one accord, put away differences and wait for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to finish the work Christ has assigned us to. He said: "2017 must be a year where the church unites, is open to the receiving of the Holy Spirit and then together goes out to win souls for the kingdom of God."

The church then united together in prayer, joining hands as they committed themselves to living healthier and holier lives by the grace of God and by so doing becoming more effective ministers to the communities they've been called to serve.



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