27th August 2013

Seven teens made the decision to get baptised after an action-packed week of physical, mental and spiritual challenges, at the South England Conference's Extreme Teens Camp, Cornwall, 19-25 August.
"I am so pleased to say that, as well as the seven young people who made a life-changing decision to follow Jesus, fifteen others have requested Bible studies", enthused Pastor Dejan Stojkovic, organiser and SEC Teens Ministries director. "These events truly change my life, they make me different after being with the teens and seeing them overcome their struggles through their relationships with God."

Teens get focused for archery competition
Teens get focused for archery competition
The week turned out to be both life-changing and challenging, as daily activities kept both campers and counsellors constantly on the move. The week included everything from kayaking, to biking, rock climbing and hiking.
"I made quite a lot of new friends and it felt really good to meet people I’d never known", commented Erjharn Gomes. "I liked the biking during the week specifically because it was such a challenge, that really appealed to me. I definitely was blessed from the camp's activities and also the preaching."
Jonathan Holder, a theology student at Newbold College of Higher Education, was the main speaker for the week. His universally accessible messages were centred around the 'Sermon on the Mount', which made a big impact on campers, who listened intently each evening.
Climbing an incline for a challenge at the activity centre
Climbing an incline for a challenge at the activity centre
"This was my first time, ever, being a counsellor", said George Osei-Bonsu. "It was a real eye-opener, having to take on the teens was something I had to learn as I went along! But Jonathan as a speaker, he was so calm with the teens and his preaching was on a level that they could relate to."
During the week, an unofficial theme for Teens' Camp emerged; 'A Plan and A Purpose'. Counsellors and teens took the theme on board, with Steven Hulbert speaking about it on Friday night after a programme filled with personal testimonies highlighting the extreme struggles the teens are facing.
Testimonies ranged from the impact of absent parents, to how God has brought some of them through life-threatening situations. Counsellors also spoke out about their own struggles, encouraging the teens to remember the week’s unofficial motto when they feel they are alone or struggling.
Cliff jumping into the not-so-warm water!
Cliff jumping into the not-so-warm water!
"We spoke about turning your tragedy into a testimony", explained Amy Cornwall, a camper for the first time. "I thought that was important because you can always tell other people about the bad things that happened in your life and let them know how God got you through it."
The week ended with a banquet on Saturday evening, which included a concert, prizes and a quiz. Everyone took part on the last night together, enjoying newly formed friendships as well as old ones. The only thing gone by the end of the week was all the food!
Click here to watch a short highlight video from Extreme Teens Camp.

For more photos of the week, go to the Adventist picture gallery or visit the SEC Teens Ministries' Facebook page

[Katie Ramharacksingh]

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