Camp Meeting 2019 - Health Talks, Thursday 20th June

21st June 2019

Pastor Christian Karlsson presented up-to-date research that shows the original Biblical diet will protect our physical health as well as our brain health.

Scientists are not sure why there has been such a rapid increase in dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases in the last 50 years. Karlsson noted that in Japan during this period, there has been a 700% increase in the consumption of animal fat while there has been a 600% increase in dementia.

The prophet Daniel ate a plant-based diet and gained increased mental ability. Researchers have conducted experiments that show the same positive effect on children today. (‘Role of superfoods in academic performance,’ Daniela Assimiti, 2017)

Brain ‘rust’ can be prevented by the use of anti-oxidant type ‘super’ foods.

Even if Alzheimer’s has started, eating the Mediterranean diet that is low in meat and high in vegetables increases the length and quality of life.

Dr Chidi added that stress has also been shown to increase the risk of dementia.  Regularly eating blueberries, greens, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and turmeric etc are great ways to reduce the probability of contracting brain diseases.

[Bernie Holford]


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