Camp Meeting 2019 - Holiday Bible Club, Thursday 20th 2019

21st June 2019

Another servant.  Today it was the servant of Jairus.  Pastor Cliff Herman told this imaginary part of the Bible story beautifully.  The servant watched his master’s daughter get sick.  He watched his master go and find Jesus to get Him to heal her.  He watched the daughter die.  He went to tell his master not to bother Jesus as the girl was dead.

When the servant told his master and Jesus about the death of the girl, he did not see sadness on Jesus’ face, which was surprising.  He understood a little later, when Jesus gave the girl life again.

Two points were brought out for the children.  The first was that Jesus is a friend to all.  It doesn’t matter how important we are or what country we come from or what our religious leaning is.  Jesus is a friend to all.  The second is that because He is a friend to us, He can do amazing things, such as bringing life again to those that are dead!

The children strengthened that second message in their minds by making a craft about the raising of Jairus’ daughter.  Jesus is a friend to all!

[Jonathan Barrett]


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